With more than 16 years of experience on national television, Geert Hoes is a well-known man in the Dutch TV industry. During his debut in the famous series Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, he gained national fame. Many other series followed, he also gained experience as a TV host. After hosting several live programs such as Shownieuws and Dancing Queen, he switched to Day Time TV. Now, he is one of the regular faces of Eye Media Television.


Where other girls dream of becoming a school teacher, I wanted to be on TV since third grade." This childhood dream has come true for Iris! With her spontaneous, enthusiastic attitude and ambition for an all-round television career, she is able to make each shoot a success. She is fashionable, good-looking and versatile.


Wendy-Kristy has been a model since she was 14 years old. Next to walking the runway for designers such as Mart Visser, Monique Collignon and Addy van den Krommenacker, she was also part of (inter)national Fashion Weeks. She has been presenting for RTL4, RTL7, SBS6 and Veronica since 2011 and ambassador of Sympany and EARTH Water.


After a number of musicals, Anouk has made her way into the world of television. With guest appearances in soap series such as GTST and Divorce, Anouk is also known for her character of ‘Dancing Piet’ in de Club van Sinterklaas, RTL4. With her cheerful personality and endless enthusiasm, Anouk is a presenter that can’t be missed!


Liselotte graduated Theatre School Eindhoven, and has been acting and presenting ever since. Her passion lies in television production, and her perseverance caused her to jump start into the role of presenter. People describe Liselotte as a fun, out-going woman with a fresh look and radiant smile - this Southern gal is a pleasure to be around!


After graduating Lucia Marthas Dance Academy,Samantha started working as a dancer and a singer. Shortly after, she became part of the girl pop group "Djumbo", where she sang for 5 years. During this time she has done many live performances, made a TV show , did voice-overs for "Alvin and the Chipmunks", dedicated herself to charity and has been a guest on various tv-shows. Now, this hard-working professional is fully committed to programs produced by Eye Media Television.