WoonTips is a new and inspiring home television series on RTL4, focusing on aspects inside, outside and around the house! The series show recent developments in the world of Home & Living and informs and inspires viewers with topics about financial matters, tips, creative ideas, and interior and exterior solutions.

Through weekly themes, the viewer will be informed about recent developments and given tips to help with financial situations, sustainable living, outdoor activities, design and innovation. Think about: “Is it better to lease or purchase a home?” “How do I make my interior more coherent?” “What is the best way to maintain my garden?” “How can I contribute to sustainable living?” “What are current interior trends?”

Every episode comes with handy tips: from refurbishing a staircase to properly taking care of different gardens or giving your home a make-over with minimal tools. WoonTips provides the tips and tricks!

The show is presented by Iris Rulkens and Nadia Palesa. Together they delve into the world of pleasurable home and living, for inside and outdoors!


Inside the home

It goes without saying, this theme is all about everything that happens within the four corners of your home. Practically speaking; what is the proper way to handle your floors? How can you make interior changes through minimal effort?

But you will also find clever ways for a faster internet connection or energy-sufficient solutions. From the base of a house to the wonders of design: Iris and Nadia will find out all there is to know!

Outside the home

The outside of your home also influences your comfort of living. For those with green fingers, this category is all about growing and gardening. Additionally, you will be inspired to fully enjoy the outdoors, think about cook-outs or placing a Jacuzzi in your backyard! But also for the viewer in need of more space; everything there is to know about dormers, greenhouses and other additional constructions for your house.

From innovative garage doors to the perfect garden decor; Iris and Nadia will tell you all about it!

Weekly Tip

Years of experience and expertise will be shared with viewers in the Weekly Tip, to inform and help with everything in and around your home. What needs to happen before you can move in to your new home? And what needs to be taken care of when you move out? Every week the viewer will receive a tip from an expert!

Where and when

RTL4 new episodes starting Saturday March 7th till Saturday June 6th, at 4 PM. Reruns of each episode will be aired Monday March 9th till Monday June 15th, at 2:30 PM. The rerun scheduled for May 4th will be cancelled, causing all reruns to be post-pone by a week.

All episodes can be viewed on www.rtlxl.nl for the duration of a one year.