Lifestyle Experience

Lifestyle Experience Plus is a program that discusses luxurious, exciting, trendy and fashion-based subjects. The program is presented by Geert Hoes, Erik Burgers, Iris Rulkens, Wendy-Kristy van Hoogerbrugge, Liselotte de Groot and Samantha Klumper. The presenters take a peak in different topics like the latest gadgets, culinary trends or the best Dutch events. During the program you are given several tips from various foundations, businesses and organizations who acquaint you with the latest products and services.

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Where and when

Lifestyle Experience airs at 14:20hrs, every Sunday on RTL4 and reruns at 15:10hr the Saturday which follows on RTL5.

Cross Media

In addition to national television (RTL4), Lifestyle Experience also exposes on and Youtube. It can also be seen via Facebook, on the Lifestyle Experience page.
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Lifestyle Experience focuses on the well-heeled. In the program we discuss luxorious, high-end issues and topics. Our audience are both male and female with the emphasis on "business to consumer".

Vision RTL

RTL Nederland is a trendsetting multimedia company with a leading position in the Dutch consumer and advertising market. RTL Nederland aims to best serve the viewers and users of interactive media and advertisement, by offering high-quality, distinctive programming and services.