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Eye Media Television is an audiovisual producer for multimedia activities – television items and corporate videos amongst other things. In creating your concept, EMTV offers full service in the process from creation to production. Audiovisual products, such as promotional videos, are the new trend in marketing your business!

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Pictures speak a thousand words. A corporate video, commercial, narrowcasting, documentary, instruction video, testimonials or other promotional videos will allow you to impress potential clients and encourage them to act. By choosing new means of communication, you will distinct yourself from competitors and reach your target group as intended. A quicker message, a memorable experience for viewers and insights in your organization and its unique selling points. Producing a video as such, is an intensive process. It’s therefore important to find a creative player that is able to translate and apply your views into a tangible product.

How do we work?

Creating a commercial or television item is a process. We work based on your quality assessment, and with your approval only. In order to achieve a high-quality product, there are a number of set stages.

Because images are very powerful, it is very important to have clear thoughts and wishes about the end result. What is the main goal of the video? What do you want the viewer to know after watching your video? Keep in mind that a short, concise and to-the-point message is often easiest to remember!

In the first stages we will consult you in formulating goals and managing expectations of your media product. This is where possibilities are discussed! We will brainstorm ideas, suitable filming locations, arrange actors if needed and work on a script and shot list. This is all part of the pre-production phase.

Filming takes place during the actual production phase. This shoot will be arranged on a designated location (of your choice), with a designated film crew, with the predetermined script as the main guideline.

After filming, we start the post-production phase. During this phase, the video editors create the end result. This, of course, will be sent to you to correct, adjust, and official approve for broadcasting.

After approval, the final video will be provided via a Master DVD. This allows you to publish the video during corporate events, fairs or via social media. It will also allow you to stream the video on your website.

The full production of your video can be realized within a matter of weeks: from first introduction to final video.

Production costs are fully depending on your wishes. Everything is possible!

The full process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Briefing/introduction (informal offer)
  2. Tailor made offer (informal offer)
  3. Consultation wishes/expectations, concept creation, script
  4. Correction, adjustments, approval ideas
  5. Filming day/shoot
  6. First video edit
  7. Correction, adjustments, approval edit
  8. Providing Master DVD and digital files for further use and publication